Bartholomew's Pub Original Entrance, circa 1975Established in 1975 by local entrepreneur Derryck Jackson, Bartholomew’s Pub has long since been a staple in the Victoria pub scene, providing locals and visitors with the finest in classic pub fare, friendly service and lively entertainment.

The pub’s founder, D.J., enjoyed traveling abroad to seek out creative new menu items and discover fun ways to improve his customer’s experience.  His signature dish, Oysters Rockefeller –  oysters served over Pernod-infused spinach, topped with fresh-made hollandaise sauce and melted cheese – has been a long-time favourite at Bart’s.  He understood the incredible importance of providing quality service and even better food and instilled this in his management team, ensuring that Bartholomew’s will remain a hot-spot for tourists and locals alike, for years to come.

The musical entertainment at Bart’s has evolved over the years, ranging from piano players performing bluesy lounge tunes to local bands jamming classic rock ‘n roll hits for patrons on a packed dance floor.

Throughout the history of Bartholomew’s Pub, while undergoing minor refurbishment, the classic Old-English character has always been maintained.

Most recently, a major renovation saw the closing of the pub for the first time in almost 40 years!  Updates included a complete overhaul of the kitchen, adding new food preparation equipment, re-finishing of the bar, bar stools, tables and chairs as well as the vintage Tiffany lights.  Expansion into the adjacent restaurant space (formerly the Caffè d’Amore) opened up the pub, creating more room for comfortable booths and a wrap-around bar.  The beautifully sheltered patio is also being redone with a new fountain and added room for premium outdoor seating.  The most exciting upgrade was the addition of a new keg fridge, located directly behind the bar, meaning very short keg lines for the freshest, more delicious tasting draft beer imaginable!  Incredible care was taken throughout the renovation to ensure the traditional look and feel of Bart’s Pub remained, while greatly improving the quality of service for its patrons.

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Photos of Bartholomew’s Pub, as it has transformed over the years…
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40th Anniversary BBQ, Saturday May 30th, 2015.
Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!